Friday, April 15, 2011

Flying Again!

I really wish this were a story telling about how our very own Cessna 207 was miraculously repaired and back in the air, however, sadly, it is not. Never fear, though, it's still a pretty good story. Egmont, a fellow pilot and friend, invited me for a ride in his company's new Piper Cheyenne (twin engine, turbo-prop). It's a sweet ride.

Here's the view at 22,000 feet on our way from Libreville to a cattle ranch in the very south-west part of the country.

A view of me in the cockpit.

Coming back into Libreville, we flew over the new soccer stadium to the north of the city. It's one of 3 large stadiums being built for the 2012 African Cup of Nations soccer tournament.

After picking up a passenger from the ranch and grabbing a bite to eat, we were back at the airstrip and ready for another hour long flight back to Libreville. In the Beechcraft Baron, this trip would take about an hour and fifteen minutes. In the Cessna 207, it'd be more like 2 hours and 10 minutes. This is Egmont cranking the engines back to life.

Here we are at the airstrip at the ranch. The runway is about one kilometer in length and the Cheyenne has no problem getting in and out with plenty of room to spare.

It was a fun flight to share with Egmont. He is thrilled with this new aircraft as it will assist his company's desire to fly more to west Africa and to Europe more frequently. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to join Egmont and have come cockpit time to keep sharp.

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