Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Upcoming Flights & Airplane Changes?

I'm starting to put together some upcoming flights to the Bongolo Hospital. Here's what we have for now:

31 JAN 2011 Libreville - Lebamba (2 seats avail.)

31 JAN 2011 Lebamba - Libreville (4 seats avail.)

12 FEB 2011 Libreville - Lebamba (4 seats avail.)

12 FEB 2011 Lebamba - Libreville (2 seats avail.)

It feels good to be able to list some flights. Due to the fact that we're using a "loaner" aircraft, setting a schedule has been a little daunting. However, we're trusting that the aircraft will be available when the time arrives and, if it's not, we have some options to make use of.

We'll continue to use a Beechcraft Baron to fly in and out (see photo) of the hospital's airstrip, supplied by an agricultural company. They are looking into buying another aircraft and haven't made a final decision about what to do with the Baron. They have asked if we'd like to buy it, but, it doesn't match the profile of the aircraft that would best use our needs. We'd rather just use it for the time being, and wait for the repair and return to service of our Cessna 207. However, if they sell the Baron, we are in for some challenges.

They are looking into purchasing is a small, twin engine, turbo-prop (like this one). It will go higher and faster and, since they are keeping it United States registered, there will be a lot less red-tape. Over all, a good deal. However, if they sell the Baron, they will no longer keep stocking AvGas (100 low-lead fuel), which I use for the Cessna 207. Since our airport, here in LBV, runs our of AvGas for months on end, it could really jeopardize our ops. Needless to say, I'm looking into alternate supply options. Pray for success with this!

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