Friday, November 26, 2010

Temporary Pet- "Frank"

Today, our air conditioning technician, monsieur Kossi ("co-see"), stopped by to ask if we'd mind keeping a new pet until it grew a little. Since many Africans enjoy some good turtle soup from time to time, we were wondering if he was, in effect, asking us to be complicit in the murder of this cute guy, but Kossi denied this. He said that, at his home, there were too many large gaps in their perimeter wall where the turtle could get out and they'd like to keep him as a pet.

Here's where "Frank" (Sam gave him the name) met our other turtle, "Cheetah". Frank is the black dot between Sam (L) and his friend, Andrew (R) who were supervising the "meet and greet". There's a slight size difference, don'tcha think!?!

I think this is the start of something beautiful! (Just in case you can't see it- Frank is sitting on Cheetah's back).

So, this is our "Black Friday" highlight... it's not the thrill of standing in lines at department stores like so many, but we manage to find some excitement on our side of the Atlantic!

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