Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reopening Old Airstrips... First Steps

In 2010-2011, it is our hope to reopen 3 to 5 airports that are currently in danger of being overtaken by population growth in areas where there is no other airstrip. Abandoned and overrun airstrips exist throughout the country at this time... but some can be saved if we move quickly.

You see, airstrips provide prospective builders with nice, level terrain that needs very little site prep prior to building. So, little by little, people advance on the property. This is made easy if the local government is "on the take" and selling off the property that was once set aside for air service.

With no runway, the village becomes more isolated from medical services and, when the emergency happens, a person whose wounds can be cared for is now looking death in the face. Of course, this assumes that a program, like ours, is in place. Well... the time has come!

So, our goal is to work with local governments to assist in enforcing the egress needed for each landing site, and then set up a partnership between a local church and an international church to see to the upkeep of the facility. The international church can provide short term work teams to work alongside the local church to do bigger projects as well as lending their support for one or two salaried, part-time workers to keep the grass cut back and be there to welcome the arrival of the aircraft.

Our first step is to share the idea with the President of our national Alliance churches, Pasteur President Saint Bernard MANOUMBAH.
I'm the one on the left, by the way. We had a great visit and the Pasteur President is very happy to hear about this proposal.

If your church might like to be a partner to assist in this yet-to-be named program (send your ideas!), then please drop me an email.

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