Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kids in Cameroon

Joe and Meg attend Rain Forest Int'l School in Yaounde, Cameroon. It's a tough school... especially for my kids whose last 3 years went like this... French public school (& they didn't speak the language!), homeschool group, and homeschool (just our family). So, it's like they went from "second gear" and are being asked to maintain a "fourth gear" pace. It's definitely challenging and I'm so proud of the effort they are putting in- they're taking a big step.

As we've mentioned before, having our two oldest away at school is tough, but we're blessed that we're still only a car ride away. Granted, that's a 12 or 13 hour ride.

Here are some photos from my current trip to be here to encourage and assist the kids on the home stretch to semester final exams.

This is a view looking from the assembly building across to the building that is home to a library, computer center, classrooms, and senior class lounge.

This is the normal reaction from teenage girls when requesting a photo.

Here is the reaction that we'd like from them. Amy and Megs are wearing their outfits for choir. LOVELY!!! What beautiful, young ladies.

The junior varsity Wildcat soccer team! Energy left to spare at the end of their scrimmage! If this is what it's like when they lose, imagine what happens when they win!!!

There was a "real" game scheduled, but the opposition never showed. Instead, they scrimmaged a group of guys (including Joe and Sam).

Here's Megan's finished bridge project for science class.

Almost finished! It's a load off Meg's back having this project done.

Here's the crew (with Amy V.- left... with the CRAZY eyes look!) after some mud soccer at "New Land".

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