Sunday, October 17, 2010

Safari part deux

So, we arrived to drop off our bags and... the place is really cool. Guests stay in glorified "tents" that are set up under a thatched grass room and frame.

Yep, that's right... a toilet in a "tent"!!! Now, this is what I call "camping"! Even a nice, hot, steamy shower to help you out of bed on the chilly mornings. This place is the first place I've ever stayed that has a "turn down" service where they place hot water bottles between the sheets to pre-heat the bed!

As much as we wanted to stay and marvel in the wonders or our tent, nature was calling! I mean, literally, birds of every kind were fluttering about, calling us into the "bush" where we were sure to discover additional wonders.

First, our driver, John, opened up the canopy so that we could ride in style!

The anticipation was too much... we were off, wind blowing in our hair! What animals were we to find!?!

(yet again, another teazer... please continue on to the next post)

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