Monday, October 4, 2010

New and Notes

Here are some tidbits from our lives on the African equator...

"Not so odd-Fellows"
The two young, American-looking women above (Sophie & Annie) are "fellows" doing a 3 to 4 month term at the Schweitzer Hospital in Lamberene (4 hr. drive from LBV). They stayed at our guest house and, while doing some errands in Libreville, had time to visit the medical clinic run by the national Alliance church (as pictured). We have been seeking to build a strong network with other hospitals in Gabon and this visit went a long way in doing that.

This is what one patient at the clinic exclaimed as she saw Alace working along her colleague, Mama Perine, at the medical clinic. This has become a running joke at the clinic, as you may suspect! Alace, a very gifted writer (as many know), has written about her time at the clinic and how, as she has seeked to bless others, she has received the blessing. CLICK HERE to read more.

Sam, the Man!
Another cake to celebrate another orbit around the Sun for Sam! One more year, and we'll have 3 teenagers. Crazy... CLICK HERE to see some of the photos from Sam's party.

Wii Partner!?!
This is what Alace found when she walked into our living room the other day- Sam teaching our Gabonese teammate, Celine, how to play video games! Celine had noticed that Sam was "driving" quite erratically and hitting many mail boxes. After she said something, Sam challenged her to do better and she took him up on it! So, with Joe and Meg away at boarding school, Sam is finding new competition for the Wii games!

Jungle Life!
Alace snapped this photo while traveling to a village outside of Libreville. One of the villages where they were passing out mosquito nets had tied up this baboon as a pet. To see all of the photos of this effort done in partnership with UNICEF, CLICK HERE.

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