Sunday, September 5, 2010

Update- Airplane... Wedding... Flying...

I haven't received word about the container with the airplane in a couple of days. We just gave our agent quite a bit of money the other day and then got word that everything is taken care of. However, I don't have the details on it all. I'll hope to get that tomorrow morning.

Here's the MMS Aviation team departing after
doing a great job getting N207FD containerized.
Dale, Andy, & Paul. Thanks guys!

I performed a wedding on Friday! The first time I pronounced someone man and wife! Then, displaying to everyone that I have a lot of work yet to do on my French, I told the groom that "you may now kiss your husband"! Oh well. Other than that and asking the groom to "put the lamb on her finger"... when I meant to say, "put the RING on her finger". So, I was definitely entertaining. CLICK HERE to see all the photos.Here's the happy couple. This is actually their 3rd wedding-
the prior evening was a 4+ hour "cultural" wedding, then,
just prior to the church wedding, they had they're 2+ hour
"civil" wedding. After church there was a reception and dinner.
The meals were finally served at 10pm and things weren't
done until after 2am. It's all exhausting and expensive!

Then, Saturday AM, I went flying with Egmont in his company's airplane. We were delivering payroll money to their plantations around the country. There were a total of 4 takeoffs and landings. Good times. It was great to be back in the skies over Gabon. We may be able to have a flight down to Bongolo Hospital next week. Let's hope and pray!

Here's the Beechcraft Baron that we flew.

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