Monday, September 27, 2010

Pics- 22 SEP 2010 flight

Dear Family,
I am so thankful for the provision of a "fill-in" airplane for the work, here in Gabon, to continue.
At times, we have questioned the wisdom of basing our operation here in the city of Libreville and not at the hospital. We know there is the expense of city-living, but as we start the operation, there is a great need to be in regular touch with government officials. And now, we have another firm indication of why the Lord has us here- the link to the company that is providing our "backup" aircraft.

Yesterday's flight went so smooth. In just an hour and 25 minutes, we went from the city of Gabon along the Atlantic coast, inland to one of the hardest to reach hospitals in the world! In the aircraft was medication, equipment, and personnel to assist a hospital that ministers to some of the poorest people in central Africa. Since we are weeks into what is turning out to be an annual strike of doctors and nurses at public hospitals, the airplane's arrival with these resources are critical. Resources are running low and the waiting areas of the hospital are filling up! In fact, the eye clinic, that performs over 30 cataract removal procedures per week, had to stop work until this delivery arrived.

It is a true blessing from the Lord that a Belgium agricultural company operating in Central Africa has permitted us to use their Beechcraft Baron twin-engine aircraft at operating cost. It is more expensive, but, as the Lord continues to provide the funds needed, we plan to use it 2 to 3 times a month.

Our aircraft is going through the final steps to start its' journey onto a ship bound for the US and repairs that will last about a year. Please continue your prayers for this work to be done well and in an expidited manner.

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