Friday, June 25, 2010

VIP Passengers

Every passenger flying with our service is treated to First Class levels and each one is a V.I.P. in our book. However, some passengers are notable...

On one of our flights at the end of March, we were pleased to have the US Ambassador to Gabon as well as the Deputy Chief of Mission for the Embassy.

(L to R): Mr. Samba (our dispatcher), Ambassador Eunice Reddick, Me, and Kathleen, the Deputy Chief of Mission.

Here's our team mate, Pastor Ferdinand Sangoye, who assists our team in countless ways. Here is just one way- chauffeuring passengers to and from the airplane at the Int'l airport.

On our return, Pastor Sangoye was right on time to pick us all up and get one more photo with the Ambassador.

The team gathered at the "Foyer" at the Bongolo Hospital Mission for a great meal and a time to mix and mingle.

The Ambassador and DCM had a great visit with the team at Bongolo. They provided encouragement and insight to the US / Gabon relationship and their thoughts on the future. All the American's were very encouraged. Ambassador Reddick has concluded her 3 year term in Gabon this summer- she will be very much missed!

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