Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two Words... "French Press"

Subtitle: "I like Nicolas Cage... sometimes"

So, Nicolas Cage is coming out in a new movie by Disney... "Sorcerer's Apprentice". It looks like one of those movies that you see and, on the way out of the theater, you say something like, "I liked that movie the first time when it was called "Harry Potter", or something of the sort. He seems to be drawn to movies like that- I'm just sayin'.

However, there are those occasions where I enjoy me some Nic Cage (ie. "Raising Arizona"). In one movie that my family and I like is "Family Man"- sort of a modern day "It's a Wonderful Life". In the movie, the husband tries to wrestle a large piece of chocolate cake from his wife, but she fights him off saying, "It's too important to me".

So, we're back in the states and.... well... there are some new things that are becoming too important to me. One such thing... a French Press. Coffee never tasted so good! This is one thing that I'm packing for the return trip.

Step 1: Set some water on to boil

Step 2: Clear the French press of the sludge leftover from last time

Step 3: Getcha some DD coffee

Step 4: Pour in the boiling water

Step 5: Stir

Step 6: Let 'er brew for 4 to 5 minutes with the lid on

Step 7: Wait...

Step 8: Press the strainer...

Step 9: Pour

Step 10: Enjoy

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