Friday, June 25, 2010

Flying Pics

Some random photos of flying in Gabon...

Preflight- remove the tie downs fashioned by a cat food container filled with rocks and rain water. What can I say? ... it's not fancy, but it works!

Final approach, runway 16, Libreville Int'l.

Base leg of the traffic pattern for runway 16 at LBV Int'l.

Bongolo Hospital fly-by.

When needed, we collapse a row or two of the back seats to load in cargo. Here you see some luggage and a cooler full of temperature-sensitive medications for the HIV/AIDS clinic.

A passenger snapped this picture just after take-off of runway 16 out of Libreville. The control tower instructs all departing traffic to avoid flying over downtown (where the presidential palace is), so we fly over the estuary, south-bound, until we're clear and can turn on course to Bongolo.

Part of my preflight includes a call to my team mates at the hospitals' airstrip to confirm that the runway is clear and the weather is looking good.

This is just after landing at the hospital's strip- swinging around in front of the hangar.

Final approach, runway zero-nine (east bound), Lebamba airstrip (Bongolo's airport).

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