Tuesday, February 16, 2010

V.I.P. Treatment

Remember Fidele? He's the one that had washed my car and taught me a lesson on priorities and perspective (read the story HERE). Here is Fidele just before his trip from the Bongolo Hospital to Libreville, where he needed to go to have his travel documents prepared for his trip to Kenya for his heart surgery.

The flight went really well. If Fidele was nervous, I couldn't tell. This was his first flight on an airplane! He would occasionally point out the window and ask me to please identify the villages that we were flying over. He also made many comments about the river the was below our flight path for much of the journey- the Ngoungie. He said it was very big! During the leg of the flight that passes over the city of Lamberene, I identified the city and told him to look below. He said, "Yes- I see it. Here- let me open my window so that you can see also." I told him that I was familiar with the town and didn't need to see it today.
As we approached Libreville, he asked repeatedly where the ocean was- it was also the first time he had ever seen that. Upon landing he thanked God repeatedly and said "Dieu est Grand" (God is Great). Then, on the drive to our home, he saw a high rise apartment and asked, "What shop is that?" I explained that this was not a shop but a house with many levels. Again, Fidele was seeing many firsts this day.

Thanks to a charity fund at the Bongolo Hospital called "Operation Heart Send", Fidele is getting the operation he needs and, with it, will have many added years to his life to continue to support his family and influence his community for the Gospel. It was a joy to be a part of.

We want to continue flights that help those in need, like Fidele. Pray with us that many will join the effort to build a charity fund to pay for the medical evacuations they need. If you would like to give, please visit "www.AirCalvary.com/contribute" and follow the directions for an online gift. Enter "Gabon Charity" when prompted.

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