Monday, January 11, 2010

News and Notes

YES! I found aviation oil! Cameroun! There just so happens to be a friend of ours driving down from the town of Yaounde, Cameroun on Monday. He knows the pilots and mechanics who fly for JAARS that are based there. They have agreed to help me in my urgent situation by selling me about 20 quarts of aviation oil.

I also had a meeting with the Belgium agricultural company BIG BOSS and his right hand man. They stated their support for our program, again, and the they will help with our needs for aviation fuel and oil. This was good to hear as we had based a lot of things on having a supply from them. They will be putting in an order soon and they know what my needs are. They said that I can pay as I go, which is great. Paying it all up front would simply not be possible for our little program.

Megan prayed with a girl to receive Jesus as her Savior last night! It was great! It's an American girl whose parents work in LBV and whom comes to youth group. Megan was very excited about the whole thing, as she should be. We are so thankful that the Lord is using our whole family in this call to Gabon. What a blessing.

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