Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life Changing Deliveries... keep 'em coming!

Dr. Wendy H. explains more about the impact of our delivery of the sensitive equipment to the eye clinic at the Bongolo Hospital:
"I used the laser again today - it's actually a combination SLT (glaucoma) laser and YAG laser. The SLT is the portion that we used last week, and today it was the YAG. The YAG is used after a patient has already had cataract surgery but the tissue around the lens implant begins to opacify with scarring. The YAG is able to open up the scar tissue and restore a clear visual axis without a single incision :) .This patient's name is Samuel, and he's a retired evangelist. He kept telling me that he needed to see so he could read his Bible and share the gospel with others - he probably said that 10 times today. God has helped him recently with this, as we took out the cataract in his left eye last week and it sees 20/20 now; and the right eye, which had previously had cataract surgery and was seeing 20/100 or worse, just had the YAG laser done today and should see better shortly. We took these pictures today."

I'd say that's one happy customer, huh?

With your partnership, lives are being changed. We are so grateful. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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