Friday, January 22, 2010

HAITI- Air Calvary Responds

Our aviation work in Gabon is sponsored by Air Calvary, a non-profit from New York. In fact, our family is the only full-time work of Air Calvary. Their main thrust, until we came along, had been helicopter pilots doing short term work in the Dominican Republic (DR) and Haiti, mostly. When Haiti was devastated by a hurricane in 2008, Air Calvary (AC) responded with a team that rented local helicopters and flew in critical aid. Now, with the recent earthquake that brought this poor nation to its' knees once more, AC is again on the ground and in the air there with a bigger response. There are 5 helicopters being dispatched through AC in the DR and Haiti at this time. Below is an update from our director and co-founder, Brock Barrett:

Dear Team,
Helicopteros Dominicanos (Helidosa) desires an exclusive partnership with Air Calvary to handle all of their Haiti missions! Also, Helidosa has reduced their Haiti mission pricing such that we are better able to fill their flight schedule. Haiti mission requests are coming in steadily. Those who may be available to assist with operations planning in the Dominican Republic and/or Haiti, please advise.
Thank you for your prayers and support!
Lord lead us in greater service,

Here is a link to a new YouTube video of 3 of the helicopters landing at a staging area in the village of Christianville, Haiti.



  1. Stevo ... nothing new lately ... I miss your candid upbeat news on what is going on ...

  2. Volunteer operator for AC, Haiti effort, sends a shout out to the amazing service for Gabon and its medical needs thru this partnership. May lives continue to be changed. Cathy Titus, Pastors Wife, NY.