Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The "Almost" first flight to Bongolo

Hey ya'all!
So sorry for today's postponement. You can't imagine the flash of anger and disbelief that I had as I was told that there was a document missing! UGH!

The aircraft was fueled, loaded, and the passengers (my family and Aunt Leanne) were patiently waiting as I went to file the flight plan. When the folks at the desk asked me where I was headed, I got the french version of "huh???" So, I happily told them that I was headed to the Bongolo Hospital where the airport was recently certified and open for landing. Then began the shuffle from office to office until I arrived at an office where they said that I had permission to fly over the hospital, but not to land. That's when I gave them the english version of "huh???"

It turns out that, a few weeks ago, when I drove the government official down to make the inspection, he had told me to take care of a few things, give him a document stating this, and then we'd be good to go. I heard him say all that, except the part about needing a document... I should know better, by now, that I need to make a document (complete with "flowery" french, scribbled signature, and a stamp). So.... miscommunication. C'est la vie!

Pastor Sangoye and I quickly created the document and a runner for the civil aviation office just picked it up. They will have the document ready for the morning... so... we'll try again! Stay tuned!!!

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