Monday, November 9, 2009

Bigger Hope & Bigger House for "HOPE HOUSE"

In other blogs, you have read of the crisis for the Hope House kids as they were being kicked out of their current house by the end of the year. A brand new house was located- bigger and better! So here we were, loading up the first load of things. That's Pastor Tim B. on the left and Pastor Israel in the foreground.

Are the kids excited or what!?! The new house was located and the rental agreement in place just in time for them all to go to new schools for the year. That's 1/2 of my face to the left, a whole bunch of happy kids, and Anna B., an STMO intern & Nyack College student, on the right.

As we drove up, we couldn't believe it! A beautiful, 2 story building! The kids would now have plenty of room and a actual yard! This is also in a much better part of town. What a blessing.

Like I said, they love their new home!

Here's another STMO intern, Josh H., celebrating the new home with a very excited child. Can you imagine being one of these children? Only having to share a room with 4 others now? Or having more than one bathroom to share with 22 other children with faucets that actually work this time? This house is just what these kids need. We are so thankful for its' provision.

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