Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Airplane Update

Mickey, the guy directing our aircraft refurbishment, has sent a couple more photos. Here is our new engine that had issues with the valve lifters that need replacing. We've been told that the replacement lifters are on the way and the work will be done in a jiffy (a week or so). The propeller is also new- it's a Hartzell.

The instrument panel is still a work in progress. All the instrumentation is in place and now the plastic panel overlay is being prepped for installation.

A great looking interior! The seats are also ready and will be put in after the "head liner" is steamed and finished.

To the extreme right and left you can see the seat belts hanging from the new "inertia reel seat belt" installation. This is an installation that requires a visit from an FAA rep to sign it off. I hope to have a better picture of the installation soon.

Mickey estimates November 24th as completion date. It will then go to Kansas for preparation for the ferry flight to Africa. More updates to follow!

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