Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Refurbishing moving along

ASIC is doing a fabulous job with the interior.

In these photos you see that they have done all the interior plastics on all the doors and walls.

Also notice the durable vinyl flooring that they have fitted well with the seat tracks. This is held in place with velcro strips, so it's easily removable for cleaning.

This week, they'll be finishing up the headliner- you can catch a glimpse of the unfinished headliner in a couple of the photos.

With the interior, we had a choice of going with a gray color for the interior plastics to match the vinyl, but we stuck with the more generic creme as it is easier to clean as well as the scratches showing less.

The long fuselage will give us plenty of room for our stretcher, cargo, and, when we need it, all 4 rows of seats.

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