Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh yeah! Why didn't I think of that!?!

For this chapter of our project, I spend a lot of time emailing- asking advice, learning, coordinating, and more.  My eyes go buggy looking at the screen.  For the last couple of days, I've been trying to find a solution to our need for a certain type of radio you need in Africa, called an HF (high frequency) radio.

So, today, when my friend Egmont called and said that it's been a while since we had gotten together, I thought, "Why not right now?  I've had enough of sitting and jamming out emails!".  Egmont was out at the airport checking out the process the mechanics were making on his Beechcraft Baron, so I said I'd meet him there for a lunch together at the Aero Club.

We met and chatted about our lives lately.  The conversation came around to my current need of an HF radio and all that I have been doing to figure out how we were going to get our hands on one and get it installed in the airplane.  To this Egmont said, "Well, didn't the other airplane have an HF radio in it?".   Oh yeah!  Why didn't I think of that!?!

The "other" airplane that Egmont refers to is an airplane that had been donated to the hospital, years ago, but ended up crashed into the jungle (pilots were ok).   The wreckage now sits in the hangar at the hospital's airstrip.  Egmont was helping me to remember that we already have an HF radio and all the associated parts to mount on our aircraft!  DUH!!!

We were ready to invest about $4000 to $6000 in a new unit and installation!  So... I'm thrilled for Egmont's reminder and I'm very glad that I took a break from all the busy work to spend time with a friend.

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  1. Hi Steve, just saw a big story on you in the Centre Daily Times today. You and your family have great courage, I don't think I could do what you're doing. And I can't fly a plane so I'd really be in trouble. Ironically I'm originally from York County, the Spring Grove area. Good luck and best wishes to you folks, my prayers are with you for continued success.

    Scott Geesey
    Spring Mills, PA