Sunday, September 27, 2009

Big Things Come In Small Packages

Have I mentioned that we LOVE care packages? Here is an example of such...

Each of our kids has a sponsor church. Here is a package we received from Sam's sponsor church (and my childhood church) State College C&MA (PA), put together by the Alliance Women there. The occasion was Sam's birthday.

Sam got a sweet remote control car. He went about getting the batteries and right to terrorizing our cat, Fougamou.

Also... some excellent treats that we can't find around these parts. They are precious to us, as you can see.

Sam also scored some sweet threads. He received a total of 3 shirts in this particular package... guess what he wore the next 3 days?

Did I mention that we really like these packages and the treats inside? We get a little "worked up". Even the thought of a "sugar high" sends Sam into a small conniption (yes, that's how you spell it... I looked it up).

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