Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Arrival in Gabon

We had quite a welcoming committee at the Libreville airport tonight!

We're doing well... running on adrenalin and ready to go to bed.

THought we'd let you know that all the flights went without a hitch and all of our luggage seems to be in fine shape.

The only hiccups that we had started in Paris as we checked in with Royal Air Maroc. They seemed to be unhappy with our documentation and had to go checking with their superiors. That took 10-15 minutes. Then they told us that we had incorrectly understood thier baggage allowances and would have to check the total weight of our bags. THey did this, added up the weight, and then told us we were fine and could start checking each bag in. However, as we got to the 6th bag, the lady said, "how many more bags?" and then saw that when she was doing her addition of how much each bag weighed, she left out two bags. Then we were told that we were indeed over the limit and would have to pay overages. This was 630 euros, making it around $1000 US. Considering the many times that we have been overwieght and not charged in the past, we thought that our luck had run out... so we paid.

We had a good time in Casablanca- long layover at the hotel with swimming and napping.

We're at the guest house in Libreville tonight. Time to hit the sack.

We'll fill you in on the details later.

Thanks for everything... we're excited for this new chapter of our lives to start... here we go!

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