Saturday, July 4, 2009

Patriotism Knows No Boundaries!

Enjoy the video of our awesome 4th of July parade.

Joanna Th. organized a great parade and many entered into the parade to make it a superb spectacle! We've heard that this years' parade was one of the best ever at the Bongolo Hospital.

In the video, you can see the hospital in the background. After the parade made the 1st pass, several people milling around the hospital grounds stopped and took in the sight. I can only imagine what they were thinking seeing American flags waving, people throwing candy at one another, hollering, shouting, a women playing a flute, decorated golf carts, children walking dogs, and the head doctor riding a scooter!!!

After the parade, we had a good old American BBQ and swimming. We had a great desert spread as well. Mmmm....

Check out all the photos here: PicasaWeb Photo Album

We hope you had a fun 4th wherever you found yourself.

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