Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Friends of Hope House STEP UP!!!

This past Sunday afternoon at 3:30pm, Pastor Israel and Natalie, his wife, hosted a gathering for the "Friends of Hope House". It was a time where Pastor Israel could review the vision of the Hope House home for displaced children and ask for those gathered to pray together and seek the next step in the journey for the effort.

Here's Pastor Israel (on the left). He is such a great man of God with a HUGE heart for the Hope House kids.

There were approximately 30 to 40 people. They were very passionate in their responses to the needs! One gentleman stood up at the end of the presentation, walked forward and laid down about $200 on the podium! Others spoke of ways they would advocate for the program or ideas they had for the future. By the time all the discussion ended, a list had been generated with everyone's name and contact information on as well as a follow up meeting set! Praise God!

Alace spent hours slaving in the kitchen and freely gave of our precious chocolate chips & brownie mix to make cookies to serve. I caught Megan taking a taste! Since the meeting lasted for 3 hours, the ladies decided to serve the guests as if they were on board an airplane- in their seats! The raved over the treats and drinks that were served. Well done ladies!

Here's Alace with Pastor Israel's little girl at the hostess station.

Several of the Hope House kids were at the meeting at the start, but had to head home for dinner as the meeting got under way. However, one of the most adorable got to stay. Here she is on the left with Megan- Naomi.

Please continue to pray for Hope House. There is a new wave of support happening and we are thrilled! Pray that those that are making committments will be fervant and endure in their effort to take care of these dear kids.

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