Saturday, June 20, 2009

New puppy! Meet Tozer.

Meet our newest family member, Tozer.
Here he is doing his best impression of a guard dog
outside Steve's office.

He's fitting in well, even with our two cats, Fougamou and Dixie.
Sam and Joe are doing their best to keep it "one big happy family".

Here he is with Alace and his brother, Titus, with his "mom", Meredith B.
We had fun at the beach with them.

"Brothers gotta hug!!!"
What's a trip to the beach without a nap?

Megan's very happy with her new pet.

Adorable... now.
Tozer's mom is a German Shepherd/Doberman mix.
His dad is a rottweiler.
He's gonna be a big kid!

Tozer will be a great help with security issues at the Guest House campus. We were happy that we found out about him soon after moving here. The Guest House was only without a guard dog for about a month. The whole family is pitching in to make sure he's well trained (we previously trained 2 seeing eye dogs).

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