Monday, June 15, 2009


(subtitled: More advice from the US Embassy)

So, the head of state in our beautiful country has passed away and at about the same time that a foreign television news program announced this, we lost internet service. Interesting timing. You could draw some conclusions. Hmm.

For those who have an unhealthy connection to "cyber-space", you know that withdrawal can be a beast. It was no different for our family- we started playing more with our new dog (YES! New dog! Pics to follow), choosing a movie to watch together, playing guitars, reading and sitting down to the table to play some card games! OH! The horror.

We grew more concerned when we heard that the international airport was shut down, as were the borders, and the ports. Then, we were unable to make international phone calls, even on our cell phones. It occurred to us that the scope of things that can be controlled and the affect that it could have on us. Effectively, we could be cut off from the world! What would we do?

We actually started looking for the old HF Radio equipment in our storage space. Since the antennas were still up, this could be a viable way to communicate down to the Hospital as well as out of the country.

However, the whole week long, it was business as normal. Stores may have been a bit more busier, but there was no "run" on food and money and major traffic jams out of the ordinary. I read a couple articles on line that described reports of these things, however, we did not see any of it. People were going to work and out and about as usual.

There is a general sense that, if the government is cool and does everything by the constitution, everything should be cool. And what does the constitution say? Install the head of the Senate to be the interim president and set up elections in the next 60 to 90 days. So far, so good. The Senate leader has already been sworn in.

Today, there are many foreign dignitaries coming from European, African, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries to pay their respects as the president lies in state at his palace in the middle of the city. Gabon has asked these leaders to come, but not stay the night as they are not prepared to provide the security or care that they need for such a logistical event. Tomorrow, they are moving the body to the South-Eastern end of the country for the burial in his hometown.

Alace and I were able to get out to the stores this AM to make some purchases. We've been told to keep the car full of fuel, candles, matches, food, water, and passports handy.

Speculation? I think most feel that any controversy will revolve around the elections. If anything comes on the radar, we'll get the troops out of here, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for your prayers and emails. We are holding together fine. More later.


  1. Glad to hear you guys are doing well!!! How is Toser?

    I'm finally writing down thoughts from my trip. In fact, I am sitting in the sunshine on a blanket, staring at the water and typing.

    I'm already saving for my next trip. $95 already! Ha ha.

  2. Good to hear from you. Keep up the good work. I've been thinking about you guys alot. I'll write more soon.
    Dave R