Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Aircraft Rejected, Another Embraced

So, we bid "a Dieu" to N3728B (in NV)...

... and welcome a new "contender"... N61CQ (in FL).

In the end, despite its' crazy low price, there were too many things that we did not feel comfortable about with the 2-8-Bravo. We would have done about $100,000 in upgrades to it.

Then, at just the right time, N61CQ came on the market with a brand new engine, a nice avionics package, one more seat (total of 8), and a model that is 6 years newer. There are a couple other cool tidbits. Here are some pictures that my brother Dan and my nephew, Jarrod, took during an initial look at the aircraft last week:

A nice STOL (Short takeoff and landing) kit on the wings, along with votex generators...

...good looking paint job from 2006...

...good looking interior (here's my nephew Jarrod)...

...more interior (we'll take out the LORAN & ADF/NDB and replace with a new Garmin 430)...

...and a new IO-520-F (300hp) engine along with new prop.

The seller has asked a reasonable price, so we have put in a bid and will send a follow-up team to do a more invasive inspection prior to purchase.

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  1. Congratulations! the plane is excellent!
    I flew that plane in Argentina, I have 1000 hours of flight, I used to fly both day and night! joy to see him so well!
    my email is fgalvan1@hotmail.com