Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Quick Update

We are making it through this week. A few power outages here and there. It seemed to affect the ATM's here. I tried 3 locations yesterday for money, but none was available. Today, the one at the
super market (called "Mobile") was still not functioning but, thankfully, the
one at the Intercontinental hotel was! Yeah! Tomorrow morning I'll be buying
some electricity "units" as well as paying our water bill. After that, I'll
head to a gas station ("Total"- French owned) for an oil change. While they do
that, I'll get some exercise jogging/walking along the beach nearby.

Next week is the big road trip down to
the Bongolo Hospital for prayer conference, so we need to have all things in
order. We'll also store up some things to pass out to the police at the
checkpoints along the way.

Lots of love!


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