Monday, October 20, 2008

Dog bites and more!

Here's some prayer items quickly:

PRAISE- The container from the US has arrived and we were able to get it unloaded and loaded a truck for things going down-country to the Bongolo Hospital

PRAISE- Joey, our oldest son, was bitten by a dog on Tuesday. We have kept an eye on the dog and are thankful to report that there is no fear of rabies. This has been a wake-up call to us, however, and we have started our rabies injections. There are many stray animals here.

PRAYER- The heat has gotten the best of me (as I mentioned). We are learning to drink a lot more than we think we have to.

PRAYER- That we continue to adjust to our new home. Sometimes the water service is out all day. This is quite a nuissance on days when the temperatures climb into the high 90's and you're covered in sweat in just minutes.

PRAISE- A large church in California is raising money for a large church campus expansion and will be donating a percentage of funds raised to the airplane! Praise God!

PRAISE- Our children continue to do very well in homeschooling for their first year! Joey is working ahead in math and will be able to do two years of study in just one!

PRAY- We have several things in process... driver's license, airport clearance badge, and investigating boarding schools options for Joey for next year.

PRAY- we are planning to take Joe to preview a boarding school in Cameroon the first week of November. I'll also be visiting the hangar of the SIL / JAARS pilots there. Pray that this goes well and we have discernment in this very hard decision for us.

THanks so much!

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