Sunday, July 15, 2007

What's the Frequency, Kennth?

I'm posting an incomplete blog...

Why? I have written myself a note to blog about something that I found funny and insightful, but I don't have the time to fully develop my thoughts... nor am I sure that I can ever fully develop my thoughts... but, I digress.

It has something to do with an airline pilot incorrectly selecting the emergency frequency, instead of the aircraft's intercom, and then proceding to make one of those public addresses to the airfare paying passengers- something like this- "Folks, from the flight deck, this is Captain McStupid welcoming you aboard Jet Blue flight #321. We're now cruising at 38,000 feet and I've just turned off the seat belt sign... blah blah blah...". He went on for about 2 minutes talking about the weather at their destination, the time enroute, etc. ...all of this on the frequency meant for pilots to declare emergencies. Most pilots monitor this channel on a back up radio, just in case the air traffic folks wanna get ahold of you and tell you that they're clearing the skies, ala 9-11.

More on this later.


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