Saturday, June 9, 2007

Road Trip stuff

So... Here are a couple of things that have happened while on the road, telling people about why we're taking the show (the family) on the road (to France and onto Africa):

>We ate "dandelion salad"... yep... real dandelion. If you eat it with mashed potatoes, it's really not that bad.

>We caught up with friends of ours whose marriage, the last time we saw them, was in bad and getting worse. Believe it or not, we caught up with them by accident, at a church where people were giving testimony to what God was doing in their life. What had God done? Shown the world HIS amazing ability to resurrect a failed marriage by bringing them back together, stronger than ever! Very cool.

> We've seen our kids (who've been skeptical about making visits to other churches) make new friends and most always say, after every visit, "I had a really good time! I'm glad we came." That's very cool, as a parent.

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