Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Dear Loved ones, 

We hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you a wonderful new year!  We pray that, in 2018, you sense His presence on the exciting journey He is calling you to.  

Peace and Love,

Steve & Alace


Sam (our youngest): Graduated from Rain Forest Int’l School (Yaounde, Cameroon) in ’16, moved to San Diego, student at Mesa College; transferring to San Diego State next year as International Studies major; an official resident of California!

Megan (our middle child):  RFIS ’14 grad; then 2 years at Nyack; now on her second “gap” year in Chicago enjoying life as a Starbucks barista and nannying and very involved at her local church.

Alace:  member care coordinator for Missionary Air Group (who the Gabon aviation program merged with), based in Burlington, NC (oversight care for 12 staff units & H.R. duties); also serving on staff with JAARS for their Inter-Cultural Communications Course.

Steve:  Chief Pilot & Interim CEO for Missionary Air Group; it’s been a challenging year- taking on new roles that were a bit unexpected; praising the Lord for an opportunity to serve.  MAG has bases in Central America and, now, in Gabon!  Please pray for our main needs in recruitment and another pilot/mechanic to serve with the Peterson’s in Gabon.  We are consulting with three Alliance efforts (two in Africa; one in Central America) about collaborate ministry using aviation.  Please pray with us for discernment and effective use of Kingdom resources for the Gospel.

Laura: our newest edition!  Married to Joe this past September in Chicago; Moody Bible Institute Grad ’17; Intercultural studies/Linguistic minor; works at Moody in the admissions department and some nannying jobs.

Joe;(our oldest child) RFIS Grad ’13; Moody Bible Institute Grad ’17; enjoying the honeymoon!; working at Moody in I.T.; he and Laura will get grounded in their marriage and life in Chicago for a bit and see missions in their future.

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