Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Gabon Shipping Container Update


Jan. 29, 2018
Dear co-laborers in the ministry of the Bongolo Hospital,
There will be one shipment going out this year and the packages are to arrive at ARK Transportation by April 1st. The items listed below are some things that are more urgent.
You will notice that they now need some 3-4" rolled sheet bandages. Should you have a lot of rolled bandages to send, please e-mail Colleen Lofgren (coliemark@gmail.com)- our friends at C&MA's Hope Clinic, Jon and Anja Erickson, in Guinea also need some.
Urgently needed items at this time:
  • MULTIVITAMINS: Centrum (or similar with all the trace minerals) multivitamins for children especially, but also for adults. Please don’t send the round, gumball like Centrum children, but the chewable ones or kids under 4 years old.
  • TABLE SHEETS: Delivery room and OR table covers made out of flat sheets (see instructions below)**
  • STERILIZATION WRAPS: sterilization wraps * (we don't need 12" x 12")
  • GLASSES: new reading glasses, glass cases (homemade or bought), disposable pen lights.
  • LAB COATS/SCRUBS: long white lab coats, new or slightly used scrubs sizes small and medium
  • MEDICAL GOWNS: children's patient gowns (see patterns on Internet)
  • PLASTICWARE: inexpensive sippy cups, baby spoons and shallow plastic small bowls.
  • TOYS: There are a few of the missionaries that are requesting items to give away to children at the hospital and in other children's ministries, so when you send some of these, please mark the name of the missionary you want to get these items with a note inside the package. Dr. Wendy Hofman, the eye doctor would like small items like stickers, small toys; Pediatricians Dr. Deborah Walker and Dr. Renee Valach would like small dolls, small cars, coloring books and crayons; Meladee Davis would like small toys like the others plus the pillow case dresses and shorts (for boys) and also "Mama packs" that she hands out in the maternity ward.
  • BANDAGES: 3 to 4 inch wide rolled sheet bandages. Any color accepted, but white preferred.
  • ANTACIDS: TUMs or Rolaids (that are made of Magnesium trisillate antacids.
  • TOWELS: blue OR towels used in surgery.

* Instructions for sterilization wraps: finished sizes wanted  are 12” x 12”, 24” x 24”, 36” x 36”. 48” x 48”.  You can make them out of gently used cotton and cotton/polyester material or  sheets or old cloth tablecloths. Don’s use flannel as it is too loose a weave.  Preferred colors are blue, green or white solid (others accepted though).  To make them, cut the material 1/2” larger than the size wanted.  They are to be double thickness, with the seams on the inside.  After sewing the two pieces of material, turn it inside right, then sew a seam about 1/2” around the entire square and then an “X” from corner to corner.  this way, when they are washed, they will stay in place.  Questions?  Call me at 218-245-2706.
**Instructions for delivery table sheets: use flat sheets twin or full size, any color, out of cotton or cotton/polyester. Fold sheet in half so it is 48” x 66” (twin) or 48”x 81” (full).  Sew or Zig-zag around the entire doubled sheet, including the folded side, close to the edge.   Then measure half way down (33” or 40.1”) and sew across the sheet.

1.  BOX SIZE: The packages should be no larger than a total of 72 inches (length + height + width) unless you have special permission.  Please limit different types of items to 3-4 per box and put each type of item in it’s own plastic bag for easier sorting at the hospital.
2.  COLLECTION LOCATION: Send the boxes to : ARK Transportation %Gabon Shipment Bongolo Hospital, 17830 Englewood Drive, Middleburg Heights, OH 44130  by April 1st. You may also arrange for drop off by calling George Hurst, 440-891-0088.  If driving there, look for Unit 23.
3.  COMMUNICATION: Please e-mail Gabon’s shipment coordinator, Linda Chae at linda.chae@att.net and a copy to me, Coleen Lofgren coliemark@gmail.com with the following information:
-Church and address
-Contact’s name, phone number and e-mail address
-Total number of boxes sent.  Please label each box by letter and numbers, for example, if your church is in Plain View, Iowa and you’re sending 2 boxes, you might choose PVI#1, PVI#2.  Please include the two letter state abbreviation in your label as there are a lot of churches with the same name as First Alliance Church.
-The dimensions rounded to the nearest inch and the cubic feet of each package (multiply the height, length and depth in inches and divide by 1728)
-Category of items as one of the following: personal effect, medicine, medical equipment or food.
- List the items and quantities.  You can group items together.  For example, instead of listing 23 3” rolled bandages and 23 5” ones, just put 46 rolled bandages.  Linda C. will price the items, so you don’t have to do that. 
4. SHIPPING COSTS: The Gabon field has now determined that the cost of  the shipment overseas and down to the Bongolo  Hospital has increased to $15 per cubic foot.  We ask you to send that amount for your packages to the  Finance Department of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (8595 Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs, CO. 80920).  On the check memo write Bongolo Hospital Med Supp./Shipping account number 09037-4340.
5. OTHER: If you have items you think might be useful, but are not on the list, please e-mail or call Coleen L. at 218-245-2706. Please let other churches know about the shipment. 
Once again, that you for  your generous giving! Coleen

September 2017 Update:

The June container has arrived and has been processed!  Thank you for your help on this!

Our next container will likely be sent in late February 2018.  More updates to follow.

March 2017 Update:

Gabon teammates work to unload the November '16 container at Bongolo.
In 2017, there will only be one Container sent to Gabon.  It will be packed up on or near June 1st.

If you have something to send, please do not send it until April 1st.  How to send?  Read below.

If you are sending medical items, Coleen L. is coordinating that, so please email her to verify what you are sending or if you have questions about what is needed.  Her email is:  coliemark@gmail.com.


Thanks for your Partnership and Teamwork!


Jan 2017 Update:

The Gabon team may only have one shipping container this year, perhaps sometime between April and June.  The decision should be made sometime this week.

No empty pill bottles will be needed for the time being- there is a current surplus... thanks for all your hard work!  A list of critical needs will be posted soon.

Note:  You can now use "www.gaboncontainer.org" if that helps to remember where to get up to date info. 

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