Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bongolo Fire Update- HUGE GIFT!!!

Dear Friends,

I'm thrilled to report that our friends at Compassion and Mercy Associates (CAMA), are giving $50,000 (USD) to help pay for the over $180,000 in costs associated with the transformer fire at Bongolo

Not familiar with CAMA?  

"CAMA provides a variety of relief and development ministries that…

...flesh out the good news of God's love for people- body and soul."

A HUGE thank you to CAMA President, Mike Sohm, and the CAMA board for releasing these funds to Bongolo!!!

What Is CAMA? from Compassion and Mercy Associates on Vimeo.

CLICK HERE to get the perspective of our colleague, Amanda, who serves at Bongolo.

Bongolo needs help with this crisis.  Total costs are over $180,000 (USD).  Would you please consider helping respond?  If you can assist with a financial donation, please click the "DONATE" logo on the right column of this page (or here) to take you to the Christian & Missionary Alliance website.  Enter "Bongolo" into the search in the section marked "Give to International Worker or Special Projects" and select the first option that pops up ("Hospital Projects/Bongolo").  You will be receipted for your giving.

If you wish to give via US Postal service:

Make a check payable to C&MA write “Bongolo Hospital Special Projects" in the memo line.
Send to:
P.O. Box 35000
Colorado Springs, CO 80935-3500

Critical, life-giving, hope-inspiring, work happens at Bongolo Hospital, shining a light of God's love in a remote corner of the world.  Please help that work to carry on.  Thank you so much.

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