Monday, November 26, 2012

Beauty and the Beach

Tozer was a good boy!  He hasn't been to the beach in quite a while.

Here's the "Beauty" at the beach!

Beautiful, right?!?  ... it gets better!

I told you so!

Looking the opposite direction, you can take in a bit of the Libreville "boardwalk" and a full moon too!

"Total Eclipse of the Steve"

Cool apartment condos along the seaside highway "Bord de la Mer".

Look closely- those black dots in the sky are bats!  About 6pm, each day, you can find them filling the skies above Libreville.  Not sure exactly where they go... always the same direction...  Hmmm...

Awesome sunset shared with my best friend!  Great to come home from a flight and have the privilege to share another memory with Alace!


  1. Love these photos and sharing sunsets with you!! XO

  2. you two are fantastic :) thanks for sharing a glimpse of your lives through pictures - miss you both!