Monday, July 9, 2012

JUNE! A busy month of flying!

 So, I've just done some tabulations and...

In June, we had 3 times as many flights as January, 3 times the number of miles covered, and 9 times more useage from our teammates!

We had our most total number of patients flown in June, the most flights delivery mail/equipment/groceries, and a whopping 28 visitors to Gabon made use of our flights!

It was one busy month!  Thanks to God.

We are a growing program and our praying for additional teammates.  Please join us in praying for another pilot/mechanic (or one of each) and some administrative help.  Our vision is to support the national church initiatives (like Bongolo Hospital) and to add an education component to invite others in to how aviation can be used to bless others as a way to live out the Gospel of Jesus.

Do you know someone like this?  Please have them contact me at -