Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fueling Progress Update!

Many of you remember that, last October, we launched the "FUELING PROGRESS" effort with a big event near Indianapolis

Since that time, we've been blessed to see the sponsorship of the barrels of AvGas (100 low-lead) has continued to grow.

This summer, we were contacted by a friend who committed to sponsoring the last of the 78 barrels!!!  WE'VE DONE IT!!!

Here is what the stack of barrels now looks like...

We are so very blessed!  Thank you to everyone who prayed and gave to see this stack of empty barrels become full barrels!!!

We will be contacting the sponsors soon to alert them when we are ready to get the container ready and on it's way to Gabon!

This shipment will help us cut our fuel costs in half!!!  Read all the details HERE.

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