Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bongolo Hospital Flyby! (pics & video)

Yesterday's oil change in the hangar of a bankrupt regional airline!
Great flights today!  With a freshly washed aircraft with new oil and filter, we were ready for some work!  

TO BONGOLO HOSPITAL:  Team of medical workers (3) along with a patient for the eye clinic and her chaperone, luggage, and groceries'

FROM BONGOLO:  Medical worker couple returning to catch connecting flight to the US along with mail, and a mobile dental chair for the LBV city clinic to use with a visiting team from our home church- York Alliance Church (York, PA)!!!

Enjoy the pictures and the video.

Departing LBV over the estuary.

Passing by the city of Mouila... 15 minutes to go for Bongolo!

My return passengers were loving the sights!
This is the airstrip just south of the village of Fougamou, along the national route.

Mountains to the west of Fougamou.

Just south of the estuary these small tributaries snake back and forth.

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