Saturday, January 21, 2012

A place for everything, and everything...

So, thanks to the hard work of the guys at the Lebamba airstrip (Bongolo Hospital airstrip), our airplane can get to the hangar!  A nice, new, larger culvert will now help in solving the erosion problem we were having across the runway.  A special thanks to Dr. Thompson for directing this project!

Here's where we have been parking for the last year or so- right on the grass strip.

Now, with our new culvert in place, we can get to the ramp area and then...

... into the hangar!  To the right is our project foreman, Andre'.

The aircraft fits snugly- only a foot and a half clearance on either side.
And now, thanks to an enhancement from our Bongolo team member, Paul D., we can have some water and give our aircraft a much needed bath!

As you can see, the airplane had become nice and dirty.  "Lavez-moi"-  I suppose most of you can figure out what that means!?!

My aircraft washing partner is Fidele.  He has flown with me previously and was very happy to help me shine up the aircraft.

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