Monday, October 17, 2011

Week #2 at MMS Aviation

Alace and I had a very nice weekend with family in State College, PA as we gathered for my father’s 80th birthday, which included attending a Penn State football game. (more pics here)

I was also able to do a brief update in both of the morning worship services at the State College Alliance Church.  They will be sending a short term missions trip to Gabon next July, so it was really nice to make that connect.

Alace and I made it back to Ohio this week- she is again at her mother’s home while I am at MMS Aviation. There is still quite a list of items that need to be taken care of. They are weighing the aircraft today, and then launching into the annual inspection and a list of discrepancies.

We are due to have our pitot/static testing done at an airport not far from here on Thursday. We really need the weather to cooperate for things to come together on all of these things. We also need to avoid any surprises. We would like to do a bit of flying to visit some supporters with the aircraft prior to flying to Kansas for the ferry flight preparations.

Thanks for your prayers.

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