Friday, April 22, 2011

Fine Wine and Airplanes

I haven't the slightest clue about fine wine, but I have heard that it gets better with age. So, as I read an email this week telling me that the repairs of our aircraft would take three months longer than originally planned, I looked for the positives. I know that N207FD is in good hands and, when the team at MMS tells us that it will take a little longer to prep it, I just look at is as fine wine that needs to mature for maximum enjoyment. Here's a photo of how things are currently looking:

From lead mechanic, Dale C. (on Thursday, 23 April):
"Painting today, then the main gear structure goes in, then main gear in and on the wheels. Next, the nose gear goes in and then the engine will be installed.
Most of the parts are here, right and left main gear, right strut, door sil, gear bulkheads and most of the pieces for the tailcone. Waiting for rear spar carry through. UPS damaged the first one, so I have to try and find another one. Cessna is a 90 day wait time.
I am working on 3 field approvals. 1. HF radio. 2. Main wheels (they are not approved for this aircraft. the 206, yes, 207, no.) 3. Horizontal stab (there has been a skin change where there used to be 2 wrap around skins, now there are 3 skins, one top and one bottom, inboard to outboard, and a leading edge skin.)"

So, like fine wine, we wait until it is time! (I guess that the analogy isn't completely applicable. I mean- drink wine before it's time and I think you'll survive, however, flying an airplane before it's completely ready, well... I think you get the picture.)

Keep up the great work MMS!

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