Monday, December 20, 2010

Road Trip Pics

So, in three days, we drove across the equator 4 times while logging over 1700 kilometers during 30 plus hours of driving!

For the second consecutive trip, we drove by a fatal car accident- both involving a pedestrian and a car. Also, for the second trip in a row, we drove by people stopped to assist a car that had recently, for one reason or another, shot off the side of the road- this time, it was down a deep ravine.

We only got the following photos from the trip:

This is a notorious corner on the national road between Libreville and Bifoun. The road disappears from time to time, is repaired, and then, the next rainy season, disappears once more. There are no markings, whatsoever, to let drivers know of this catastrophic road condition, once again underlining the reason why, driving only at daytime on the national road, is the only sane choice.

I can only imagine that this tanker truck driver got a little careless, got on the shoulder, tried to correct but his trailer was already taking him into the ditch. When it rolled over, it took the cab with him. Yikes.

To those driving from LBV to Cameroon... DRIVE DURING THE DAY ONLY! and... take the border crossing at Eboro, not Kye Ossi... much quieter and you're not prone to drive over motorcycles as much.

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