Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving on the Equator

Good news-
we CAN get a whole turkey at the grocery store, here on the equator in Africa!

Bad news-
like many things, IT'S STINKIN' EXPENSIVE!!!

Good news-
Last year, during the days after Christmas, turkey's were marked down to a more reasonable price! So we grabbed one for our freezer and... 10 months later, VOILA!!! Good eatin'!!!

Pre-Feast Activities... an air-conditioned room and video for the kids!

Does putting oven mitts on and getting the turkey out of the oven for Alace make me a "hunter-gatherer"??? This guys says "oui".

Gotta have a kids table... it's in the contract.

"All the trimmings" included two types of mashed potatoes and two types of stuffing!!! Can you say that about your feast!?!

So, we were very thankful for a delicious meal and great friends to share it with this year. We're thankful for people that support us with encouragement, prayers, donations and more. With you, we're teaming up to show God's love to central Africa and beyond. For this, we are truly grateful this thanksgiving.

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