Friday, June 25, 2010

Central African Fire Truck!?!

If you've followed the efforts of the Bongolo Hospital over the years, you know the there have been a fair share of fires. Even though the hospital campus sits on a hill along side the Louetsi River, it is difficult to get the water moved in the volume needed to affect a raging fire.

One visitor, after hearing this, decided to do something about it. After returning to the states, they found a solution!

A circa-1960's pumper fire truck!

Found on ebay for a steal!

A church in upstate NY is now working to raise funds for the delivery of the fire truck. Pray for this effort and the additional logistics required for the delivery and training of a crew to operate the first fire department of it's kind in the region!

CLICK HERE to read more.

Now we'll be looking if anyone wants to sponsor one of these...

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