Saturday, May 8, 2010

Presentation in State College, PA

Here are some pictures from our April 27th brunch gathering with the "PrimeTimers" of the State College C&MA church.

Here's my (Steve's) mom! Notice her necklace- it was a souvenir that I brought back to her from a short term youth group mission trip that I made with the youth group from this very church (State College C&MA - youth pastor Bob Warren) in '86 to Haiti! She still has it... incredible.

Many that attended that day were family friends of many, many years. Here's my old Sunday School teacher, Mr. Aaronson- the coolest Sunday school teacher of all time who used to show up in clogs to teach us young whipper-snappers.

Sam was having a good time playing outside that beautiful day. He took a break to come in and meet some folks.

Here's Alace with her favorite mother-in-law.

Joe lent a hand in the set-up and then ran the power point and dvd for the presentation.

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