Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stats from Jan/Feb Flights

Here are some stats from our first couple months of flying... But FIRST! are what some people are saying:

"Can you believe it? I has a relaxing morning with breakfast and coffee, checked on some things at the hospital, ate lunch, caught the A.M.B. (Air Calvary) shuttle to Libreville, and here I am eating dinner!"

"Thank you for bringing our sensitive eye equipment! We used it right away"

"What a comfortable flight!"

"Without A.M.B. (Air Calvary) it would have been tough to get the equipment without too much jarring- but everything worked just right"

"May God allow you to keep up the good work! Thanks for everything."

"Your takeoff and landing were amazingly smooth"

"The whole trip- the flight, the treatment by the team at the hospital; everything has been a testimony to me."

23 Flights

69 Passengers

300+ Pounds of Medical Equipment

100+ Pounds of Medications

33 hours of flight time

Passenger breakdown: 30% Bongolo Team, 30% Visitors, 40% Patients

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