Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Hope House" for at-risk children

Please remember to pray for the Hope House.

On our most recent visit to the home, Pastor Israel described the situation of "Naomi", a girl whose parents have both died, most likely from AIDS. Now, the uncle is refusing to care of her. the school where she attends has contacted Hope House to see if they can take her in. Before this would happen, a meeting will take place with the uncle to pressure him to do the right thing and care for Naomi.

The uncle's wife despises the young girl- the girl is often sickly (probably due to lack of attention and care) and the wife thinks she will infect the other children.

Pray that Naomi receives the care and that her uncle and wife grow to cherish her. pray for the uncle and for the culture here that is only one generation removed from a time where children were buried alive in the same grave when it was the last parent that died. Care for orphans is not always a given in this culture.

Praise God for the example of the nation church through Hope House. Pray for strength to carry on for the directors, Pastor Israel and Natalie.

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  1. Yes, I am praying for your situation there. I can relate to your love for these children. The little that you think you do is much when God is in it.