Friday, January 8, 2010

STATS from Holiday flights

Here are some stats from our first set of flights over the holidays:

> 20 Passengers!

> Fastest time between LBV and Lebamba: 1 hour 42 minutes!!!

> Airsick baggies used - NONE!!!

> Cargo: Car parts, textbooks, personal mail, business mail, visitor baggage, medical test kits, refridgerated lab stuff, eye clinic equipment, tennis racquets, toilet seat, folding chairs, a ladder, shipment of beanie babies, 14 pizzas, and hummus!

> Jungle survival bag - UN-USED!!!

> Total flights: 6 (2 LBV-LEB, 2 LEB-LBV, 2 aerial tours)

> Weather: Perfect except for one cloud with SNOW!!! NO JOKE!!! ...ask Tim K.

So, we are starting to put together our first set of "real" flights. It looks like that will start on the 18th and will be at least weekly for the time being. We also have to schedule and plan a kick-off ceremony for Libreville and down at the hospital. More to follow!

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