Saturday, December 5, 2009

Aircraft Arrival... Christmas Gift!?!

The piece of equipment pictured here, a transponder, has proven faulty in our aircraft. It's the instrument that tells air traffic controllers about your position and direction while in the air. A replacement has been ordered for overnight delivery, will be installed and tested ASAP, and then the aircraft will move from Oklahoma to Kansas, where it will be readied for the ferry flight to Africa. The irony is that no air control facility in central Africa, that I know of, has the equipment (functioning) to receive the signal from transponders! C'est la vie.

So, the trip to KS is projected for Tuesday. The prep for the ferry flight should be about 3 days, and the flight itself 8 days (give or take a day), so... perhaps the week of the 20th the aircraft might arrive! A great Christmas gift!

So, if you're wondering what happened to Santa... it may have something to do with a mid-aid collision over the Atlantic Ocean with our airplane!!!

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